A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Delivery of a Transformer

I had the incredible opportunity to document the delivery of a transformer at the new Swansea sub station. An exciting project that allowed me to use my photography skills and expertese. Coupled with my local knowledge it allowed me to capture the intricate process of transporting and installing such a massive piece of equipment.

Preparing for the Shoot

I arrived at the Swansea docks early in the morning, eager to begin my day’s work. Transporting a piece of equipement so large evidently requires a special type of trailer. Having multiple wheels which have the ability to turn, allowing the manoeuvrability required to navigate the tight streets. With two tractor units, each with independent steering at either end. This trailer really is some piece of machinery.

Capturing the Journey

The transformer’s top speed was only around walking pace, which obviously meant that it would cause significant traffic disruptions in Swansea. For that reason, to minimise traffic disruption, we had to start the shoot as early as possible. As we followed the route of the transformer, I took images at key points along the journey, using the light and surroundings to create stunning visuals that would tell the story of this remarkable journey.

Timelapse photography Swansea Wales

Once we arrived at the sub station, it was time to set up for the final stage of the shoot. Once the transformer had arrived, the transport crew decoupled the trailer unit from the tractor units. Finally the last step was to setup the rams and the tracks along which the transformer was to pushed along into it final resting place. This was a complex process that required precision and skill from the installation team.


Evidently The delivery of the transformer at the Swansea sub station was a remarkable feat of engineering. It was an honor to use my skills as a photographer to document the process in intricate detail. The resulting images and time-lapse video are a testament to the hard work and expertise that went into this project.

for this purpose it was clear that the time-lapse video showcases the installation process, providing a unique and mesmerising view of the transformer’s journey to its final resting place. As a photographer, I am proud to have been a part of this project, and I hope that my work provides viewers with an appreciation of the skill and dedication required to complete such an incredible task.